We are thrilled to announce a brand new Board of Directors for NATSA for the 2016-2017 season.

We believe we have established a group of individuals that are fully invested in all of our NATSA players.  As a group, they not only have softball experience but they bring a great deal of business, fundraising and leadership experience.  Most importantly, as a team, they are fully devoted to NATSA as an organization and maintaining the ethical standards required to keep the interest of the girls and the league first, above everything else.

President – Tim Collupy - timNATSA@gmail.com
Vice President – Jim Dubord - thedubords@verizon.net
Treasurer – TBD
Director of Player Development – Beth James - jamesgang18@gmail.com
Field Manager – TBD
Advisor – Bill Wallace - bmwallace@comcast.net
Advisor (Past President/Founder)– George Murphy - murph2267@verizon.net


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